Attractive Game Together Candy Land Game

Candy Land GameThe Candy Land Game is games that offer fun and attractive adventure in delicious sweet game board. The game board is come with rainbow path with a luscious location name such as Lollipop Palace, Peppermint Forest, and even the Licorice Lagoon. 

This is a fun game that player race to be first rank and reach the King candy castle for win the game.  This game is for 2-4 players.  Candy Land Board Game is for ages 3 and up.  

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If you buy this game, you will get the colorful surprises in the classic Candy Land game. Candy Land Game Board featured with fun colorful illustration and the mover shaped with gingerbread man. Your kids will love it. The game featured with game boards, 44 cards, instructions. 

The game is featured with destinations and adventure on sweet and delicious names. There are 4 characters available to play, there are; Giggly Gumdrop, Twirly girl, Mally Mallo, and Cutie Cone.  From the fourth character, you can imagine directly to the adventure that will play, isn’t it? There is label sheet and instruction to help your children to play the game.



Candy Land Game is very visually attracting game board.  The sweet hit spot make this game is perfect for young player. It is simple for playing and learns for the beginner player.  This game allows the bonding interaction between parent and their children.  The visual game board does not require your children for count number.

Candy Land Board Game is a simplest game ever. This help young child for learning colors because this game board designs.  This do not use spinner, which young children often difficult for handle. This game has a lot of fantastical place picture and fun colors that children love to visit. The game lead young children to the story build to this game. Player can start to imagine their adventure in the game.

They can start how to make dialogue during the game and how to pass any section in the game board in success.  Candy Land Game Board can develop children social skill to team work and learn to be patience to wait their turn to move.


The weakness from the game is come from the simplicity. Where this game is for children, it need more strength. As this game is purposed for little players, the older players might feel tired and bored soon when they play this game to aside the younger player.  The cards are thin, uncoated and tiny.

If younger player do not careful, it can damage soon. This can be horrible game for toddler.  The very colorful board makes young player hard to follow the directions or colors.  For parents who play this Candy Land Game in the past, they might disappoint because this card board now has different characters to play from their own play in the past.


From the Candy Land Board Game, your children can learn the color and get fun game board to play. If you want to use this game for young toddler game, you need to watch it or at least assist your children because the cards to tiny and uncoated.

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This can ruin as time goes soon if your children not careful to play. However, if you want to buy a game that cheap and want to start introduce your young toddler for color in fun ways, this Candy Land Game Board can be great recommendation for you. 

This is classic and simple game to young player. It is great for start shifting your children attention from gadget to indoor game.  Candy Land Game is perfect game to introduce the mechanism for the game board playing (the rules, losing and winning, and the turns, and more).

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