Big Boggle Improving Vocabulary

Big BoggleBig Boggle has been everybody’s favorite since 1979. Not only the children, but adults also love to play this game. This is a very interesting hidden word game and maybe this game had helped you improve your vocabulary when you were a kid. This time, let your kids get the advantage and buy him the great Big Boggle, the Classic Edition game.

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Better than the Original Boggle

The original game comes with 4 x 4 grid and also normal alphabet. The new Big Boggle Board Game increases the challenge a little bit by adding one more grid as well as Double Letter cube. Now that The Classic Edition comes with 5 x 5 grid, there will be more words to be found. Furthermore, the Double Letter word also will make the game slightly more interesting because it is possible to create longer words, or even become an obstacle to find the hidden words.

Despite of those additions, the basic rule of the game is still the same. You need to find as many hidden words as possible from the grid with a minimum of four connecting letters. It doesn’t matter how the letter connects, whether it is diagonally, horizontally or vertically, as long as you can make a minimum of connecting four letter words, it will be counted. The person who can find the most words within three minutes is the winner.

Great Way to Learn and Play at the Same Time

Big Boggle is one of the best educational toys you can find in the market. It is suitable for both individual or team play. Since it contains choking hazard, don’t give this game for kids under 8 years old without parent supervision.

This Big Boggle Game is fun and challenging because you have to race with the time to find as many words as possible. It also can be a great way to help improving your kids vocabulary. Since Boggle is also suitable for team play, it is best if you accompany your kids to play together. This way, you can introduce new words to them in a playful environment.

Great Game Components

The package includes 5 x 5 letter grid, 25 standard letter cubes, 1 Double Letter cube, sand timer and also a plastic transparent dome. The letter might be too small for some people so it can be hard to read it from the opposite side. But the other components are great. The sand timer is unique and it has been set for three minutes so it is very convenient. Besides as the game component, the grid and the dome can also be used to store the tiles.



  • A perfect game to improve child’s vocabulary.
  • It comes with its own grid and dome cover so it will not cause a mess in your house.
  • Double Letter cube and extra grid make the game more fun and challenging.
  • It can be played individually or in team.


  • The size of the letter can be too small for some people.
  • More letters might be more challenging for smaller children with less vocabulary.

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There is a reason why this Game Big Boggle stays strong for decades even when fancier similar games keep popping out. It is because this game is simply amazing. The rules are easy to follow so the kids will not have a hard time playing it. It is also still very interesting for adults so you can play together with your children.

It will be much better if the manufacturer enlarges the size of the letter but the current size is not a deal breaker. Overall, Big Boggle is the best educational game that will let your kids have fun and increase their vocabulary in the same time.

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