Disney Mickey Mouse Games More Fun And Competitive

Disney Mickey Mouse GamesIf you want your kids to stimulate the development of your kid’s brain while let him having fun, Disney Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Memory Match Game is the best answer. Disney Mickey Mouse Games have been children’s favorite for generations and kids simply love everything with the iconic mouse on it. If you have a hard time separating your kids from the TV or gadget, this matching game can be a nice option.

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The Game Has Simple Rules

The best thing about this Disney Mickey Games is it doesn’t alter the rules of the original memory match game. Despite of the different design, it is still the simple and familiar memory match game that you know by heart.

It means, to play this game you only need to flip two cards among the 36 cards available. You take the win if the two cards have the same pictures. If the pictures are different, flip them back, but make sure you memorize them so you can find the match later. It is a simple rule that can be easily understood by little kids. You can let your kids play alone or gather other kids that love Game Disney Mickey Mouse to make the game session more fun and competitive.

The Design Is Attractive for Young Children

Memory match game is indeed very simple. While it is good to make kids understand it faster, the simplicity of the game might make the children feel bored faster. This is where the design of this product plays its role.

It comes with the pictures of children’s favorite Mickey Mouse Clubhouse character. Whether your children love Mickey, Goofy, Pluto or Donald, they can find them here. Besides the great Disney characters, the colors are also excellent. The colors are vivid and perfectly the same with the original. With the addition of bright red background color, the visuals of this card will attract the attention of your kids from the very first glance.

A Perfect Game to Stimulate Kids Brain

Three years old is the golden age for your kid’s brain. It means, when you choose Disney Mickey Mouse Games for your children, it must be able to stimulate their brain function instead of only about fun. Memory match game is very beneficial to improve your children’s memory function.

There are 18 different pictures to match so it will really make their brain works. This product is also specially designed for kid three years and up so the difficulty of the pictures has been matched with their capability. As their memory improves, they will be able to match the pictures faster and it is a sign that the game has done its job well.



  • The Mickey Mouse Club characters will be attractive for kids.
  • A great game to improve kids’ memory.
  • It is suitable for younger kids because it only contains pictures without any letters or words.


  • The size is way too small for bigger children.
  • The material is too flimsy so it may get broken easily.

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If you are looking for a nice memory game that kids absolutely will love, Game Disney Mickey is the right product for you. The pictures on the cards are very attractive and the red background color makes the picture more alive. Since there are 18 pairs of different cute pictures, this product will make memory matching game more interesting.

Kids tend to ruin things easily, so it will be much better if the manufacturer chooses a thicker and more durable material for the card. But it is not a big deal since it doesn’t make the game less enjoyable. Overall, if your children are a fan of Disney Mickey Mouse Games, they definitely will love this one as well.

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