Game Disney Princess Improve Memory

Game Disney PrincessKids will never say no to Game Disney Princess, especially the girls. Seeing the beautiful characters they know by heart will make any type of games attractive, including educational games. It can be pretty hard to encourage your little kids to play games that is not only fun but also can stimulate their brain function.

However, if the games come with pictures of their favorite Disney princess, they definitely will not hesitate to play it. That is exactly what Disney Princess Board Games is all about. It is a simple educational game that is suitable for kids from three years old and up.

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This type of game can be pretty boring, but if they can play along their favorite princess, memory match game certainly will be the games they love to play the most.


The Rules Are Easy to Understand

The most important thing when it comes to choosing games for little children is it needs to be fun. Even if you want it to help their brain develops, the rules of the games need to be easy to understand. This Disney Princess Matching Game is perfect for that purpose because the rules are very simple.

Simply arrange the 36 cards facing down. Then, flip two cards at a time. If they match, you score. But if they don’t, put them back in place. The one who has the best memory and matches the most card win the game. It will not only improve your kid’s memory but also increase their competitive spirit.

Cards with Great Design

Game Disney Princess design is the highlight of this product. It takes the conventional matching game to the next level and makes it more interesting. The vivid color and beautiful picture will attract their attention and they can focus on the game even better.

It is a shame that only the classic Disney princess like Cinderella, Belle and Ariel are featured in this game because many kids nowadays are a fan of the new princesses.

No Reading Required

There are two reasons why this Disney Princess Board Games is perfect for little kids. Firstly, the size of the cards is small so it fits their tiny hands perfectly. Furthermore, the game only contains pictures without any letters at all.

As a result, three years old kids can play with it conveniently since it doesn’t require any reading. This way, they can focus on recognizing and memorizing the pictures.



  • The design and color of the card are visually appealing for small children.
  • The size of the cards is smaller than other similar games so it is suitable for younger kids around 3 years old.
  • No reading required so small kids can easily play it even when they haven’t learnt reading.


  • New Disney Princess like Tiana, Moana or Elsa are not included in the design of the cards.
  • The size of the cards is too small for bigger kids around 5 to 7 years old.

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Disney Princess Memory Game is an excellent game that will keep your kids happy and busy. It is very easy to understand the rules and the Disney Princess theme will simply be every kid’s favorite. It will attract their attention so they will not hesitate to play the game for a long time.

This game also can be played alone or in team, so it is very versatile. It will be better if the cards are bigger so that parents and bigger kids can play it conveniently as well. But overall, this Game Disney Princess is definitely worth to buy.

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