Hi Ho Cherry O Game for Preschooler

Hi Ho Cherry O GameNowadays, there are so many types of educational games for kids. Have you ever heard about Hi Ho Cherry O Game? Actually, it is a recommended educational game for preschoolers. Many parents always want to have a smart kid. If you want to have a smart kid, try to give educational games for your kid.

For you who have a kid who is a preschooler, try to give Hi Ho Cherry O Board Game. It is interesting game for preschooler. By playing this game, a preschooler will be able to count and master other math skill during playing a game. Try to read some information below to know more about Hi Ho Cherry O Game.

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Preschoolers usually like a game that looks colorful and unique. Actually, Hi Ho Cherry O Game is a unique and colorful game for preschooler. Preschoolers will enjoy the game and finally improve their math skill. Here are some features and details of Hi Ho Cherry O Game:

  • A Game with Basic Math Skill

Hi Ho Cherry O Game is a simple game that will make a player practices basic math skill, such as counting, addition and subtraction. Why? In this game, your kid will pick fruits to be put on basket. During playing the game, kids will be able to count fruits and master other basic math skill. Not only about learning counting and math skill, the kid can also learn about number. For parent, it is a game that will help them teach about number to their kid.

  • Interesting Elements

As mentioned before, kids usually like colorful thing. When your kid plays Hi Ho Cherry O, your kid will enjoy the game. Why? It is because the game comes with complete elements, such as game board, spinner with arrow and base, 4 fruit baskets, and 40 fruit pieces. Fruit pieces of this game look cute and consist of 10 cherries, 10 apples, 10 oranges and 10 blueberries. With colorful look, your kid will enjoy the game. Finally, your kid’s math skill will develop step by step.

  • For 2 to 3 Players

Your kid may also like playing with friends. Actually, this game is good for 2 to 3 players. So, your kid can play the game with his/her friends. Finally, your kid will enjoy playing the game and able to master basic math skill easily.


Every product will have pros and con, includes the game product. Talking about Cherry O Game, this game has made many parents feel so satisfied because the game improves their kid’s math skill. Yes, some pros of games are complete and colorful elements, easy to play, and also comes with 9-pieces puzzle. Puzzles can also improve your kid’s ability in remembering something and arranging strategy.

About cons of game, it may be about the size of elements. Some parents think that the elements, such as fruits look so small. So, your kid should be careful when holding every element. Because of small size, the game is not good for too young kid because the small element may be swollen by 2 years old kid.

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After reading some information above, we can conclude that Hi Ho Cherry O Game is an education game that is useful for preschoolers. It is a game that will improve preschooler’s math skill. This game looks like a usual game, but it gives so many benefits to a preschooler.

For every parent who has a kid and wants your kid becomes smart in mathematics, try to give this game to your kid. With Hi Ho Cherry O Game, your kid will learn about count, addition and other math skill.

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