Scrambled States to Improve Knowledge

Scrambled StatesNowadays, there are so many types of educational games for kids. Have you ever heard about Scramble States? Actually, it is a popular game for kids. By playing Scrambled States, kids can get a new knowledge about U.S geography. Today, educational games are recommended for kids. As we know that kids can find so many games today.

But, not every game will give positive impact. If you are a parent who are searching for a game to improve your kid’s knowledge, Scrambled States Board Game can be your recommendation. This game is an educational game like Candy Land Game. Read some information below to know more about Scramble States.

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Actually, Scrambled States Game is easy to play and will attract kids to play this game. A kid will dealt 5 state cards that should be matched with Scramble Card. Scramble cards have clues about states. If the player can match his/her state card with scramble car, then he can yell out the state’s name. A player who has most state cards will be a winner of this game. Here are some features of Scramble State:

  • Enrich Basic Knowledge of U.S Geography

You may feel so proud of your kid if your kid can master basic knowledge of U.S geography. You can have a smart kid who masters basic knowledge of U.S geography if you give Scramble States game to your kid.

Yes, this game will help your kid to learn about state capitals and nicknames, and also shape location of each state. Finally, your kid will be enthusiast to learn about U.S geography while playing this game.

  • Various State Cards and Scramble Card

We have mentioned that Scramble cards have clues about state. So, every scramble card will be a media for your kid to learn about U.S geography. Actually, Scrambled States comes with 50 scramble cards and 50 states cards. It means there will be so many states information will be known by your kids.

This game is really useful for your kid. Not only for mastering basic knowledge of U.S geography, this game is also a media to improve your kid’s memory. This game also comes with 4 illustrated maps of the USA. It will be useful to make your kid remember about the location of state in U.S.

  • 2-4 Players

Your kid may want to play with his/her friends. This game can be played by 2-4 players. So, your kid will enjoy this game so much. With his/her friends,, playing this game will be so interesting. Finally, the game will give positive impact for kid without making your kid gets boring.


Now, let’s we talk about pros and cons of Game Scrambled States. About pros of Scramble States, this game has various pros. First, the game is easy to play. It will attract your kid to play this game in his/her spare time.

Second, the game comes with complete scramble and state cards. It gives maximal chance to your kid for learning about basic knowledge of U.S geography. Third, the game can be played by 2-4 players, so your kid will enjoy this game with his/her friends.

There are so many parents who feel satisfied because of this game that has improved their kid’s geography knowledge. About cons, it may be about the size. Some people are not satisfied about the size of game that looks small.

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From the explanation above, we can conclude that Game Scrambled States is an educational game for improving kid’s geography knowledge. But, make sure you give this game for 8 years old kids or kids over 8 years old. With Scrambled States, your kid will learn basic knowledge of U.S geography that is usually difficult to be mastered through learning process. 

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