Battleship Game Strategy, Techniques, and Features

Battleship Game StrategyBattleship Game Strategy, Techniques, and Features – Many online and computer-based games probably dominate recently. But don’t get it wrong since some manual games still have their own lovers. Some of the gamers are probably those adults who want to feel more nostalgic with their childhood’s type of playing.

Some others are younger people who already find that manual games are actually also really interesting. Well, are you some of them? If yes, here is a sort of games you need to try; known as the Battleship Board Game Strategy. You should not think that you can play it using your keyboard and mouse.

Battleship Game Strategy is the simpler and traditional form of battle-themed games. But sure, it is so fascinating and addicting.

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Once you buy this product, there is a set of game board packaged in the box. A set consists of two main boards – as it is played by two people – that are connected each others, 10 plastic ships, and pieces of pegs in red and white; they are 84 and 168 respectively, label sheet, and instruction.

It is portable and light enough to ease you while carrying as well as you can play it anywhere. The boards look futuristic and cool with its metallic blue color on the outer part and orange on the inner part. The application of those colors perfectly represents the nuance of war and battle.

What are the tools available in the package? First, there are the two boards provided. Of course, it is the main thing of the game. The boards are functioned as the battlefield where the battle is happened. The red pegs are to strike while the white ones are to mark misses. The ships are to be placed on the board where the enemies may use it as the targets of attack. Destroy the ships for winning by locating the enemy ships.

Then, how can we play it anyway? This Battleship Board Game is basically features the head-to-head combat. The player may plot to sink the opponents’ ships immediately before he sinks yours. You are required to guess it right where the ships are placed on so that you are able to destroy it well.

Track it down if it is needed right on the target grid. More than that, there is also a feature to call the shot and fire. Besides, just use the Battleship Salvo to make multiple attacks in the same time. The most important thing while playing the games are speed and accuracy.

Sure, it is much better to attack the opponents’ ships faster. However, without accuracy and precision, it means nothing because it may even destroy your own defense.


This Battleship Game is undeniably interesting with many manual features that can be used to make you closer to be a winner. However, there are indeed some lacks and certain aspects. What are the pros and cons?


This game is more practical than the similar game you can play via computer. It is because you don’t need to program it at first. Although it looks difficult for the beginner, there are techniques to learn also. But it is still interesting. More than that, it can be played by children safely.


It seems that the board is too narrow so that the players may not play the games more flexibly and comfortably.

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For you who are bored enough with virtual games popular nowadays, this one is very recommended. Not only is it interesting and easy to play, it is addicting as well in the way you learn and implement the Battleship Game Strategy.

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