Board Game Pandemic is Easy and Fun

Board Game PandemicBoard Game Pandemic is a great game to spend weekend with friends or family. In fact, it is a multiplayer game which can be played from 2 players up to 4 players. Just play this board game for 60 minutes and replay if you think it is an interesting game to play.

For first time player, let’s learn a little bit about why you should play Pandemic Board Game Strategy. After learning from this article, you will finally understand why you should try this board game and what makes this board game special for the players.  

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The idea of Pandemic The Board Game is to save the world from deadly diseases. In this game, you are acted as a specialist and you should find the best way to solve this problem. Your duty is using all the strength and power you have to create the best strategy to limit the risk and of course to cure the diseases.

Those are including trying to build research station, creating a solid team, and many more. It is a great board game to train your cooperativeness with your friends or family. If you can pass all the obstacles all of you will win the game whereas if you can’t do it, all of you will lose the game and infected by those 4 deadly diseases. 


What makes Board Game Pandemic fun to play is because it trains your teamwork. It is also considered as a high quality game to play. Just imagine this game won 4 different awards in USA, France, and Australia. Actually, this game is suitable and fun game for all ages start from 12 years old and more. But due to its difficulty level, Pandemic Board is a perfect game for adult.

Some of the players are a couple. It seems that this game is really a great cooperative game which tested the cooperative sense or feeling between husband and wife. This is the reason why most players said that they want to play this game more and more. Of course, it is because the game is super easy and fun for adult.

At the same time, you should manage or build a strategy to overcome the disease before the time is running out. Beginner board game players may choose this game for their first trial. On the other hand, some players also thought that the rules of this board game are too difficult to follow. For example, the time is too tight so most of the players tend to lose their time even if they can control the diseases.  


Before playing this game, you will see an interesting packaging. It is real just like when you want to play a console game. Definitely, it makes this board game more interesting in the sense of its design. This is also about the great game storyline. Don’t forget about the game rule itself in which it makes each of the player cooperate to overcome 4 different diseases. That’s why Board Game Pandemic is considered as a unique game.

The other board games ask you competing each other to get the best one but Pandemic Board Game Strategy asks the players to cooperate each other to defeat deadly diseases. It is understandable why this game is a popular game among couples. Sometimes, they are curious whether they can cooperate well or not. To test it, you should play Pandemic The Board Game with your beloved couple and later you want to play it more and more.

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So, are you ready to test your cooperation sense by playing Board Game Pandemic? Be a great team and try to defeat those deadly diseases before time is running out and everything is uncontrolled!

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