Connect 4 Sharpen Critical Thinking

Connect 4Nothing can bring back childhood memories quite like Connect 4. Majority of us had the privilege of owning this fun yet challenging game as a child, it was incredibly popular to the point that everyone wanted to get it for either Christmas or birthday present. Even if we did not have the game back in the day, we were still bound to play Connect 4 Game one way or another.

That is the primary reason why the moment we stumbled upon this board game on one of the online store we frequented, we were nothing short of overjoyed. We may not be a child anymore but now that we have children of our own, why not introduce this Connect 4 to them? And who wouldn’t want to reminisce playing the board game for hours on end while watching the children take turns giving it a try?

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If you were like me, you would perhaps be worried to get a cheap knock-off with poor quality board game. But the moment we got ours in the mail, we were pleasantly surprised at the quality. It was just how we remembered it, a decline in the quality of the material is expected but it is still made to last.

In terms of features, the Connect 4 Games features three different ways to play and is still equipped with the circled board and two-colored drop-pieces with popping red and yellow colors that definitely will get your children’s attention. My youngest child, while still not understanding how the game works, still insists to take part in our family game night because she is captivated by the red chips.

Unlike the Connect 4 we knew back then, this one has Classic play, Frenzy play, and Drop-a-Disc play options. With these new methods, the game obviously requires a different strategy which we quickly tried to find out and adjust.


This Connect 4 Board Game still shares the same resemblance to the one my wife and I used to play on our childhood. The only difference is the latest Connect 4 seems to be made of poor quality material as it is obvious from the touch of it. Connect 4 may not seem different when you look at it, but once you have it in your hands, you can feel the difference.

But while the old Connect 4 in the past was significantly more sturdy, it does not mean that the latest one is a bust in terms of quality. The frame is still decent as it is made of thick plastic. The pieces are also pleasantly solid that we are sure they will last despite our children’s rough handling. Best of all, the Connect 4 Game also offers a lot of game plays which are equally fun and challenging in their own way.

In the beginning, our children showed a little interest in the game. Perhaps due to the fact that it isn’t as flashy as their virtual games. But as they are more familiar with the colors, patterns and how to play the game, they begin to love the game and our family game night becomes more fun. But that is not the only thing that we love from this board game is the fact that Connect 4 Games is incredibly easy to set-up and easier to clean.

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In conclusion, this classic board game still packs tremendous fun for all players regardless of their age and gender. The best thing from this game is the fact that its simple concept also helps our children develop their critical thinking skills and ability to predict the opponent’s move and make a strategic plan to win. I would definitely recommend this Connect 4 for families with children.

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