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Yahtzee Board GameYahtzee Board Game, do you know what it is? It is a kind of manual game with dice. Yes, before the appearance of virtual games, this type of games is really popular to be played from children to adult. Despite it is so good to refresh your mind; such games played with friends can just make you more creative as well as improve the intimate with your fellows.

So, is Yahtzee Game still available recently? Of course, it is. However, it seems quite difficult to find. But you should not worry, if you look for it in the trusted online store like Amazon, you can just simply find it even the most qualified ones.

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In a package of this Yahtzee Board Game, there are 5 pieces of dice, a shaker, score pad, and instruction. Basically, you only need to shake the dice to play this game. The score pad is to take a note the score. Make sure that there are people who notice your playing well to decide the score that you get. There are no certain numbers of people who can join this game. However, too many players are not good as well since you may find it too long to wait for your turn.

There are some rules that must be followed if you are interested to play Yahtzee Game Strategy. First, it is important to score points for a full house. Other kinds of score recommended are the straight and 3 of a kind or 4 of a kind. This explanation is probably quite difficult to understand without seeing the tutorial video of playing or reading the instruction anyway.

Meanwhile, if you are able to do the 5 of a kind, you can get the score of 50 points and a Yahtzee. Then, if you already find a Yahtzee, you can try to achieve the higher level for 100 bonus points. The games are done by players alternately and whoever gets the highest score at the end, he wins.

If you find the rules are familiar enough, it is reasonable. Yahtzee Board Game is probably a game that your parents might play when they were young. This game was even known since 1956 with the idea of classic parlor games. There is not special skill needed if you want to be the champion. It is only about how you practice it while doing some strategies. The more often you play the game, the more skillful you are. More than that, the rest is also about the luck.


Yahtzee is probably one of the games that don’t have its virtual version. If there is any, it must be not as interesting as the original one. However, just like other games, there must be the cons even if the pros are more. So, what are they?

  • Pros

Although it is probably depending on your taste, Yahtzee is undeniably interesting. You can just compete and have fun with your friends just by shaking the dice. The way to use it is very easy as well as anybody can just play it whether they are young or old. It is also a chance for you to build a strategy to be a winner despite relying on the luck.

  • Cons

The newest edition is considered less interesting than the previous ones although the basic ways of playing are relatively the same.

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It is not easy to find out a classic game nowadays. When you have a chance to have one, you should not miss it. Moreover, it is Yahtzee Board Game Strategy that lets you be more creative just by using the dice. So, what are you waiting for? It seems a right time to get the Yahtzee Board Game now.

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