Fun Multiplayer Game by Ticket To Ride Board Game

Ticket To Ride Board GameTicket To Ride Board Game is a perfect game for those who want to find a multiplayer game. The fun part is that you can play with 2 up to 4 different players. If you watch a cool movie entitled Around the World in 80 Days, it means you will be a little bit familiar with this Game Ticket To Ride.

The main duty of the player is to explore the map by putting their train. So, let’s try to understand this amazing game first before starting your exploration.

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What You Have to Do While Playing Ticket To Ride Game

Before playing Ticket To Ride Board Game, you will be supported by a map, cards, colored train cars, and instruction. You are about to start your journey across country by collecting cards. The cards are important because it helps you to get right to choose the railway route.

So, when you win this game? Just try to create the longest railway route on the map and you are the winner. Each time you create a railway route, you will get point. The best winner is the player who can successfully connect two distant cities and also the player who can build the longest railway route.

This fun board game is a game for all ages start from 8 years old and more. In fact, adults love this Ticket To Ride Game. It takes around 30 minutes up to 60 minutes per session and you can replay if you want to.

What Players Said about Ticket To Ride Board Game

Most Ticket To Ride players said that it is a great game to play especially it can be played for more than two players. The instruction is also easy to understand and it is good for first time players. The small components don’t disturb the way the players played this game. The problem, it seems that the size of the components is too small.

It will be great if those components including the map are redesigned a little bit bigger than the actual size. Moreover, you should let the best player to handle the score because it seems a little bit messy sometimes. Focus is also the key while playing this game because sometimes you also need to see what the other players do to make sure that they do the right thing.

For family who want to find a board game to spend weekend or any kind of gathering party, you may consider Ticket To Ride Board Game. It is simple to play and it stands along after a few hours.


Mostly, you want to find a simple board game which can be played by the entire family. It is really a perfect game on the weekend or gathering party, right? This is the reason why you should play this Ticket To Ride Game. The storyline seems to ask the players to explore most cities across North America in seven days. The rules make this game seems to fast to play but it is okay. You can just start it over again after all of you got the winner.

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The colorful components are great and it is eye catching enough for board game lovers. Definitely, the price of this board game is reasonable enough and it is easy to find. This game will make you and the members of your family get closer each other.

Don’t underestimate this simple game. You still have a challenge to build the longest railway route and it might be the hardest task to do especially because you have to compete with your friends or family. So, anytime you need a new board game, you can consider Game Ticket To Ride as your new board game. Even, there is a possibility that Ticket To Ride Board Game will be your most favorite board game. 

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