Hungry Hippo Simple To Play

Hungry HippoLooking for funny games for your preschool children? Then, Hungry Hippo with his friends will make sure your children enjoying a good time. Hungry Hungry Hippo is actually a table game which can be used by two up to four players. The game which produced by Hasbro was firstly published in 1967. This straight forward game allows each player to handle one of the hippos from four which are available.

Players will compete each other to reach the middle of the game in order to catch the small marbles released on its base. Once the marbles released, the hippos will start chomping. That’s why you need to move yours quickly so it could catch many marbles as possible. Anticipate the golden marble and catch it if you want to win the game. Basically, Hungry Hungry Hippos Game is simple to play but offers interesting experience.

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Behind funny game experience it offers, it comes with some specific features which become its characteristics and makes it different with other types of board game. First, Hungry Hippo comes with four hippo heads, bodies and marble launchers. Besides, it is considered as fast-action game which requires the player to push down the tail lever so that the hippo can chomp the moving marbles. Then, it contains 20 marbles including the golden one that will be released into the middle of the base.

To win the game, players need to chomp as many marble as possible or catch the golden. There is also a marble storage area allowing the player to store marbles conveniently. Hungry Hippos Game can be stored in the box easily as well. It is equipped with legal disclaimer so that parents might be more aware when give this game to their kids. Label sheet and instructions is also available offering guide to the game assembly and use. 


Each game comes with both pros and cons including Hungry Hungry Hippo. So, what are actually the pros? One of the pros is that the game is very easy to play since it barely requires strategy or tactics. However, it will train the children to have a good counting skill, good coordination between eyes and hand, as well as dexterity. Players just need to watch the marbles carefully and move their hand fast so that hippo can chomp many marbles. Besides, one single game can be played in short time.

The con anyway is associated with the marble. Its small size makes it as choking hazard so it might be swallowed by the kids. Hence, Hungry Hippo is not suitable for children under 3 years old and recommended to be played by children ages 4 or more. Besides, this game requires assembly and containing small parts before they are arranged. Hence, no matter the assembly process or the playing, it is better to be done under parents’ oversight.

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Hungry Hungry Hippos Game is good game to have by children if you want to give them funny game experience in their spare time. The game is quite easy to play too with almost no tactics and strategy so children will soon master it as they grab the hippo from the first time. Children might found the fun side of the game but it often does not last too long. With only chomping as many as marbles released, children sometimes find it quite boredom after they play it for several times.

Besides, there is barely moral lesson that children can take from the hippos which are the main characters of the game. They will only use them for fun. However, Hungry Hippo is still become one great game if you want to improve children body coordination and dexterity.

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