Monopoly Junior Board Game Suitable For Children

Monopoly Junior Board GameMonopoly Junior Board Game is in great demand by many people. Monopoly is a popular game of all time and there are many companies that have produced various kinds of monopoly. The company not only created traditional Monopoly games but also certain themes such as Despicable Me, Finding Dory, Frozen, and so forth. Game Monopoly Junior is a simplified version of the original game.

This game was created to allow children to play Monopoly easily. Traditional games cannot be played by children because these games have conventional rules that are more complicated than modern games. The Junior Edition is in accordance with the wishes of the children. Monopoly Junior Game matches the favorite characters of the children. The game also comes with an interesting and fun song.

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A single banknote can help children to make transactions easily. This game has characters from certain editions. There are many cards that display the characters. The place on this board has a relationship with the location in the animated series. Pieces of the board are of good quality because children love something related to the favorite characters in the film.


This is the first Monopoly game designed for children. Children will get that with a nice atmosphere. Monopoly Junior Board Game have the same techniques as conventional games but these games can be accessed easily. The game is full of surprises. It is a fast game with simple techniques. Kids can choose favorite tokens like collecting rent, buying property, and passing Go. Transactions are easy to do with just money.

Players can choose a sweet character. This game has 4 tokens. Kids will spread tokens around the board. Children can choose a fun property like a skate park, a toy store, an ice cream shop and a salon. Children will be happy to put a sale sign on the property. Chance cards will provide unexpected bonuses to the players. Players must be careful with the card. The card can make players pay for the property. Players are also sent to jail when opening the card.

Children can collect cool things or get others to pay for the property. If there are players who run out of money and cannot pay the rent, then the game will end. The player must count the money left over and the player with the most money is the winner of this game. The game has boards, 1 die, 4 character cards, 90 banknotes, 48 ​​unsold marks, 4 tokens, 20 cards of chance.

This Games Monopoly Junior can be played by youth. This game has 4 junior signs that indicate that the game is only for children. Cool properties can be found in this game like arcade video games, candy shops, and pet stores. This game also uses an easy bill. Dollar money is used for quick and simple transactions. The company that created the game has become the company responsible for creating a safe and ethical game industry. The company has tested the safety of this game. This game does not damage the environment.


This game can last long because it has a high quality. Young people can play easily because the company has simplified the rules in this game. There are various popular characters from different editions of this game.

The drawback of this game is a board that looks messy. There are some games that can not last long.

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This game is a great way to introduce Monopoly to children directly. You do not have to spend long to give understanding to your child. The game has only four options so it is a good thing to make a decision. The property has a few dollars so the youngest player can count the cash. 8-year-olds can understand this game. This is a great game to replace the Candy Land Game. You will not be disappointed with Monopoly Junior Board Game.

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