Sequence Game Strategy Easy to Play

Sequence Game StrategySequence Game Strategy is something important to look for and learn when you want to play this game. Particularly for the beginners, it is not easy to play it without any experience before. Yes, you must be familiar enough with this game. Sequence Board Game Strategy is not something new. It is a kind of manual games in which our parents may have played it some years ago.

But although it is manual without any relation to the computer, gadgets, and virtual world, it is still undeniably interesting. It is even addicting so that you may not want to stop before experiencing the winning. Besides, it can be played by anyone even the children.

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Once you buy this product, there are several things to find; they are the folding game board, the sequence playing cards, 135 chips, and game instruction. This Sequence Board Game is quite unique since it combines the board and card games at once. The cards used are common playing cards you may often use to play or even do the fortune telling.

On the board, there are some cards shown except for the Jacks. The cards presented are named as two standard 52 card decks on the pattern of 10×10. There are free spaces on the corners; the number is four, equals with the number of players.

How to play it is so easy; the players are competing to create rows, columns, and diagonals on the boards that are connected to each others. There are some meanings on the cards laid down. One of the examples is the two-eyed Jack that mean wild. Meanwhile, if you put the one-eyed Jack, it means that you are able to remove the card from the opponent’s checker.

Make sure to mention a certain number at first before you start to play. When there is a player who has reached the number, it means that the game is ended. Of course, to win the game, there are strategies to be thought and done. However, it is not that difficult even for the children.

One thing that is often being a question is how to start it. It has been mentioned before that even the number to achieve must be dealt before. Besides, the players must also deal all the cards. The most common rule applied in this Sequence Game is that the player who takes the lowest card must start it from the center of table. However, this rule is not a must depending on the deals agreed by all players in the beginning.


There are some pros and cons of playing this game. What are they?

  • Pros

Sequence Game Strategy is actually really easy to play. As it has been mentioned above, the rule of playing can even be changed as you wish whether it is getting easier or more difficult. Particularly if you want to play it with your children, of course, the deal made at the beginning should not make them puzzling.

Meanwhile, you can add something when you play it with fellow adults. To win the game, it needs sequence game strategy also which is actually so good to improve your brain performance.

  • Cons

The board looks so small and the numbers mentioned in the cards are not really invisible. It makes the players with eye problems find them difficult to read.

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The presence of numerous virtual games nowadays often indicates that the era of manual game is over. Of course, it is necessarily true. In fact, there are still many manual games that are interesting to play, including the sequence game. Just buy it anyway and enjoy it with your family and friends while practicing the Sequence Game Strategy.

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