Trouble Board Game Truly Attractive

Trouble Board GameThe term Trouble Board Game is probably not something strange for you. However, do you know exactly what it is? For you who spend your childhood time during 80’s or 90’s era, it is probably a game that you often play. But for the kids who grow up with gadgets on their hands, they may not recognize it at all.

But that’s okay. It is a good time to introduce many fascinating games with the younger generation. One of them has been mentioned above, the trouble game. Here is the more explanation about this game with board as the field.

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You can call it a kind of classic run and chase game that features the Popo Matic die rolling bubble. Popo Matic die rolling bubble is a special dice used in the trouble game placed on the middle of the board. This feature will automatically shake and tumble the dice when the players press and release it. Meanwhile, there are some buttons on the edges of the board.

Those are what must be pressed by the players to run the dice. The way to play it is so easy anyway. Just make sure that the dice is landed on the opponents’ peg so that it can be bumps back to your home area. However, if you don’t find it bump back, it means you are in trouble.

There are some aims of playing the game. You must be the first player that sends the pegs back after going around so that you can win. Meanwhile, you should also pop the bubble to enable the pegs to hop all around the track.

There are not too many tiny pieces in one package of Trouble Game Strategy. Therefore, you should not worry that the pieces will be lost while playing. This game is so appropriate and fun to play whether at home or during the travel. You can play it with your family and friend. Aside from that, Trouble Game is really friendly and safe for the kids. It can improve your skills and strategies as well while playing despite depending on your luck.

This game has been known even some decades ago but it seems that many people are still interested to play it nowadays whether it is for nostalgia or simply for fun. Interestingly, this Trouble Board Game currently has been produced and designed in more attractive way without lessening the function. Giving the instruction in the package also eases the users more to play even if they are beginners.


Like other manual games, Trouble Board Game Strategy must be far from being perfect. More than that, it was manually produced without using any program or software to make it work well. So, what are the pros and cons of this board game? Just check them out.


Trouble Game is really easy to use and you can directly play it without taking a long time learning it. Besides, it is intended to be a family game from the beginning. It means that every member if your family can just play it even the children. The new versions of trouble game have great design even cuter and more beautiful than the previous ones. It makes you can play it more interestingly.


The board is not too wide. Sometimes, it makes the players feel less flexible and comfortable.

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It is not easy to find any classic games nowadays. However, it is so good to have and introduce it to your kids who may only know the games from gadgets. Trouble Board Game is one of them which is really interesting to play anyway.

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