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Wits & Wagers GameThe Wits & Wagers Game often grabs the people’s attention and actually there are some versions which we can find including the game of Wits & Wagers – Family. Many people are interested in getting to know about this game. That will be such a good idea for hunting the right game to enjoy the free time to be totally fun.

If you are looking for some references of games which will be suitable for the family especially a kind of board game, the family series of Wits & Wagers can be one of your options. This board game is actually the family version of its basic party game of Wits & Wagers which is an award winner.

The family version of this game is designed to be simpler with the more portable design and also the less down time. This game also has no element of gambling. The questions in this game are also made to be kids friendly and much more appropriate for the entire family members.

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This Wits & Wagers Board Game is a kind of party game which offers a bunch of fun. This game has the goal in reaching 15 points. Thus, the player who is able reaching that point first becomes the winner. That can be done properly by answering the question in a right way. There are some great features which are offered by this game. It is including the set of the game which is made from the quality materials and construction.

The design of this board game is also really attractive not only for the adults but also for kids since it is a kind of family version game. As we have said before, this is the Wits & Wagers game in the family version which means it is made to be appropriate to any members of family including the kids as long as they are aged 6 years old and up.

That is because this Wits & Wagers Game is designed to have the proper content for the family including for the questions in this game which are made to be appropriate for kids as well. The rules are also made to be simpler even for kids. This game can be played by three up to ten people. This game is also from the great popular party game, which becomes the award winner.


Anything of course has some good and bad points including the games. If we are going to select the right game especially for the family or kids games, we need to know anything including its pros and cons. There are also some pros and cons of the family version of Wits & Wagers Family Game. Below are some of them which we can notice.

For the pros of this game, it is such the fun game for so many people especially for kids. The content and the rules in this game are made to be much simpler including for kids. This game is a good idea as a family game. This is also a flexible game which can be played by the adults and kids at home. Anything in the package is also made to be a quality product.

Besides the pros, there are also some cons about this family version of Wits & Wagers Family Board Game. Even though the games are made to be simpler including the questions as well, but some questions there are not easy to understand. They also sound not interesting especially for them who love the concrete yet real questions with exact answers.

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In conclusion, this family board game is such the worth to choose board game especially if you and your family love to play game. That is because of its features and rules of the games. This entire pack of Wits & Wagers Game also has the great quality which you can notice and consider.

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