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Smart Ass GameWant to know who is the real Smart Ass Game among your mates or family members? The Smart Ass Board Game will help you to find out who is it. Smart Ass Game is actually a funny trivia board game which can be played starting from 2 up to 6 people. Whenever each player gets its turn, the game will not last for hours, not to mention when the Dumb Ass is found.

You can find who is the cleverest among your friends with this fast-paced party game. Every question is containing ten clues. When the question is red, each player can yell out the answer as soon as they get the point. The first player who can answer correctly will win the round and continue its step to be the real Smart Ass The Game. The questions in the game are divided into four categories with total 500 questions served in numerous clues.

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The clues are completely easy but players do not require waiting until all the clues are red out to answer the question, since the fastest player with right answer will soon finish the round. Any wrong answer will make the player to wait the next question is red. Players are also need to be careful with “Dumb Ass” and “Kick Ass” since they come with penalty.


Smart Ass Board Game offers many features which make all players can experience interesting game players. As it is a board game, the game package consists of a game board, six playing pieces and stands, 411 questions cards, and two jumbo dice.

Instructions are also included so that the newbie know the guide to play the game. The questions in the game are divided into four categories including Who Am I? Where Am I? What Am I? and Hard Ass! There are 500 questions in total and they are served in numerous clues.

The clues will be easy when the question is red and player who know the answer need to yell it quickly before other players get the right answer. The fast player which can land on the ‘The End’ label on Smart Ass Game is considered as winner. Those who buy for the New Edition of Smart Ass Game will get All New Questions in 2017.


Talking the pros and cons of Smart Ass The Game, people will find out that this game is not quite difficult to play or easy as it does not require any specific knowledge in order to play it. All the topic which need to be find its answer is actually familiar information so even the Dumb Ass can win the game as long as they pay attention on the clues properly.

Besides, players no need to worry feeling as Dumb since all the players will get familiar with the answer as the clues are red. It is also not typical game which required long time to play since this game commonly only last around 30 minutes. When it comes to its cons, the game contains small parts which can be choking hazards for children under 3 years old. The age suggestion to play this game is 12 year or up.

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Smart Ass Game will be funny game to play when you gather with friend and family. Like its popular line “Think fast-Talk First to Win!”. Although the game is to find the Smart Ass Board Game but it is actually not to find the real smart people based on their deep knowledge since the answer is all can be find on the clues.

All you need to do is just figure out the clues as quick as possible. Besides, those who fail to win the game do not mean that they are really stupid. So, never get to serious when playing with Smart Ass Game.

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