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Say Anything GameSay Anything Game is game that will tell about what you and your friend thinks. This is a game that gives player to ask question for something that have been debate for centuries. For example, the question can be “what is the best song all the time?”  or something such as “  if I get treasure, what I will do next?”.

Therefore, for playing this game, each player needs to dig so deeply for anything witty and this will be time for player to say Anything.  Say Anything Board Game is a game that combines the Wits and the Wager and the Apples to Apples game together in one game.

This is game that will lead into laugh during the game played.  The players are given with the erase dry pen, answer boards and tow tokens for their color. The deck cards given to shortest player and this person will start first. Another player will play as scorekeeper.

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They will keep the scores track on the other erasable board.  When the player gets turn, they will draw card and pick one question card from the deck and read the card loud.  Every player will answer the question that they think the person who read the card pick will answer. 

When the players write the answer down, the board is set on middle of the table. When the answer is played, there is no one else that can write down the same answer.


This is game that featured for family board game purposes. Say Anything Game is game that perfect for your parties game board. Made with high quality and proprietary design, this game has win for 30 awards. The players for this game are at least 13 years old. The players group is available to play in 3-8 persons. Time to play this game is about 30 minutes. 

The players are attempting for red others players, even when they do not each other’s answer from the question. Say Anything Board Game equipped with dry erase marker, board, score board, and question cards.



This game is very fun and very short.  This game is no wrong answer to reply. You might think that this game will have no limit time to finish because the answer in wide range. Thanks to God because Game Say Anything has multiply players to play and the asker will take 5 answers to pick. Almost of the answer will get what the closest to their answer. When the players get what they want, this not requires whether it will need serious answer or humor answer.


The game can be frustrating fir beginner. Say Anything Game is game that adopts the North Star game in similar structure but it has much scoring system. As player needs to guess on what other answer to the question, this seems as game for adult, and inappropriate for children. Since the player needs to answer the question, they need to limit to their imagination to find the most reasonable answer.  The game rules, where the player only get maximum 3 points from per round, ensure that the game will end closely.

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Because this game is based on question, so there are maturity guide required for those who want to play this game. However, Say Anything Board Game is very fun and recommended for those who want to play game that make laugh all day.

This game is interesting for play at late night game for teens and mature age. Game Say Anything is other fun games that have played for years.  More freedom answer available, there are more hilarious answer that might occur from friend and family that play the Say Anything Game.

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