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Bezzerwizzer Board GameBezzerwizzer Board Game has become a famous game in Europe. This game board has been awarded the prestigious award in 2009. This is a game board that gets nominated for Norwegian Party Game of the Year. This game board has been sold in the United States. You just need a trivial way to play this game.

You can gather all your friends and you will have fun with this game. This Bezzerwizzer Game consists of trickery, tactics, and trivia. The game has 20 different categories and you do not need to find answers for all these categories. You can choose the category you most want. You definitely have a high ability in one of those categories.

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Tactics are stealing questions from your enemies. You can exchange those questions with the categories you know best. You will bet your powers to earn points from that category. Trickery is challenging your enemy to trust the category that works best for you.

You can use this tactic to defeat your enemy. You can have fun with this board game. Everyone can have fun with the various categories that are on board this game.


Bezzerwizzer Board Game is the latest version of the famous quiz game called the Danish Bezzerwizzer. This game board has some additional features. You can find 2400 questions on this quiz board. You can guess the shape and the picture. You can choose a card to guess melody, symbols, and so forth. The question has 16 different categories.

The team will pull the tiles from the top to determine which categories to answer in this game. Clubs must answer one question on each category on the card. The right answer will be rewarded with 1, 2, 3, and 4 points. This point depends on the order of the answers.

The club will determine the order of the questions. The enemy will play a special tile to steal the topic or reorder. Enemies can also become Bezzerwizzer. Enemies can know other things from other participants. The enemy can answer questions from other participants. This is not a simple game because you will also play tricks and tactics to reach the finish line. The game now has 1 board game. You will get 4 tile boards with 20 categories.

You’ll also get 8 Bezzerwizzer tiles that can be used to steal questions. You will find 4 Zwap that can be used to swap categories. You should read 1 set of rules that exist in this game. You can find 200 cards equipped with 4000 questions. You will get 4 pieces of toy and 1 box for each card of the question.


The advantages of this game are this game can provide a challenge for every player. This Bezzerwizzer Trivia Game has a fun concept. Everyone will have fun while playing this game. This board can be used for middle and small groups.

The drawback of this game is the short deck. There is one rule that is difficult for everyone to understand.

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Bezzerwizzer Trivia will surprise you because everyone will love this game. This game has some trivia that is known to everyone. This is the interesting part because you can steal the question. You will not see anyone else thinking that this game is useless. Your party and family gatherings will be lively as you play this game. Everyone has the same chance to win this game.

This is an exciting game because this board will make you a competitive person. You will compete with your opponent to do the right tactics. All family members will work together to be the winner of this game. This game is perfect for banishing the Christmas party and other casual events. You can recommend Bezzerwizzer Board Game.

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