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Walking Dead Trivia GameLooking for some references of the fun challenging board game may give you a chance to know about the Walking Dead Trivia Game which can be one of the options or references for the great board games. There are so many ideas of the board games which you may be able to find. It is including this game which is based on the TV show of AMC, Walking Dead.

Sure, it has been really well known and it is interesting to know much closer about this game. That is especially if you really love to play board games. Nowadays there are so many popular board games which we can try to play, including this trivia game. In this game, you will find more than 400 questions which are really challenging.

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In this game, the player is stated as the human, but if the player makes some wrong answers then he or she will be such a Walker. This is such the great yet fun challenge which we have to accomplish but actually the series of questions there are that really great to notice.


Getting to know about the features of Walking Dead Trivia will help you getting some overviews about this game. That can also be the considerations for you in dealing with this game or deciding the right choice of the board games you can try next. Walking Dead Board Game is recommended to be played by two people up to six players.

What they need to do is only about making the correct answers for series of questions there. Sure, as like other kinds of question answer strategy games, you also need to make the correct answers as much as possible. That is especially if you do not want to be a walker. Walking Dead Trivia Game has the unique attractive designs which are completely fun to be enjoyed and followed.

There are more than 400 questions which are trivia which any players need to deal with. It means, you may not find any same questions there while playing this game. However, this is such the fun game which is based on the TV Show of AMC, the Walking Dead.

This is the fun game with a bunch of challenges. From the package of this game, it is recommended for the players who are 12 years old and older. Thus, this is designed for that range of age.


Noticing the good and bad points of anything will help us much in dealing with the need of the product and make a right decision. That is also needed to notice the pros and cons of this Walking Dead Trivia Board Game. The pros and cons of this game will be discussed below.

There are some pros which we may need to notice about this board game. One of the good points of this game is about its challenges which are really fun. The unique concept of this question and answer strategy board game makes this game feels so different yet attractive. This trivia game also offers the quality things which become the elements to play the game.

The bad points of the product also need to be noticed. For this Walking Dead Board Game, perhaps the bad point is about the questions. For some people, the questions which have to be answered in this game are difficult, but still it depends on the player. 

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Walking Dead Trivia is such the worth to try game especially if you are 12 years old and older. If you love challenges and you love to have fun by playing the board games, this board game can be such a good idea to consider. This Walking Dead Trivia Game can be one of your options to choose.

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